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A Weekend at Home

by Katherine Gesoff

Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

This past weekend was a very simple and relaxing weekend. A lot of times we forget the amazing things there are to do in our backyards. While others in the program went to Ireland, Barcelona, and on the AIFS trip to Scotland, a couple of us took the weekend to relax and explore some local things in London.

On Friday, a some friends and I explored the area around Chelsea and the Stamford Stadium. We stumbled upon a really unique Mediterranean restaurant that was also a hookah bar. It was a really interesting night to experience the culture around us, it felt as if we had taken a trip to Greece for the night. After we enjoyed our dinner and had some nice conversation with the tables around us, we decided to meander around town and just explore and enjoy the company of everyone. We called it an early night, mostly from the week’s exhaustion, but who can blame tired college kids who just want to sleep?

LONDON 015Saturday was a beautiful day! After breakfast, a select few of us went over to watch one of our friends in the AIFS program play in his lacrosse club match. After the match, we went over to a small pub with him and his teammates, as well as the opposing team (who won) for chats and pizza. We left around 4pm to head back to our humble abodes.

Sunday was a day to relax, recoup, and do coursework. It is as simple as that, isn’t that what Sundays are for?

This week will be a pretty hardcore focus week, midterms are next week so everyone is cracking down and getting to work.

I’ll report back next week!



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