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by Katherine Gesoff

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This weekend was simply an experience of a lifetime! My friends and I ventured all the way to Germany for the last week of Oktoberfest!

We first arrived in Nuremberg after a long day of travel that began at 3 in the morning. This was a quiet, quaint town full of…lots of closed shops. Friday was a bank holiday so most things were closed, however, the Nuremberg Castle and the Documentation Nazi Rally Party Museum were quite open. So after walking around for a bit we decided to venture to both. The castle was stunning and very picturesque; the museum was a lot to take in, as the subjects are hard to swallow. However, both were very interesting and informative. For the remainder of the evening we ventured to a classic German restaurant that had plenty of bratwurst, and plenty of shouting, drunk Germans.

The next morning we were up bright and early to catch a bus that would take us from our hostel in Nuremberg to Munich for Oktoberfest. The bus ride went by fairly quickly, as I had plenty of school reading to do (it’s better to get it done before, rather than after!) Once we arrived at the Munich airport where we would catch the metro to Oktoberfest, we found a shop that had dirndls and lederhosen for sale. So we took full advantage and got our own, not only for Oktoberfest, but for the next six Halloweens!

Once we got to Oktoberfest, the rest is history! Just kidding! We arrived and were shocked to see that it looked exactly like a huge carnival!! So many people and so much food! We waited outside the Schottenhamel tent for roughly two hours (a bit of advice, if you want to get into a tent without a reservation, get there at 6 am and wait in line. Otherwise, you’ll wait forever and end up just giving up and going to a different tent). We then made our way over to a smaller tent where we actually got in and got our first beer! It was so good and so much fun! The entire atmosphere of Oktoberfest was incredible! Everyone was so nice that it made for such a warm and exciting environment. We met so many people from so many different places around the world and had so much fun while doing it!

I would recommend this event to anyone and everyone. If you like good beer, good food, and good people, Oktoberfest in Munich is for you!

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