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My London Internship Experience

by AIFS Abroad

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An alumna of our London Internship Program has started her own fantastic blog to help students who are considering studying or living abroad. On Anchor Me Abroad she shares practical advice she has gleaned from living in “5 states (visited 19), studied in 3 countries, [and] picked up 2 International Masters.” She wrote a great review (part 1) of her time interning in London that she agreed we could share. Read on:


This week’s post has been a long time coming and I am excited to FINALLY share this with you. Over the next two weeks, I am going to be giving my full review on my 2007 London Internship experience with the American Institute For Foreign Study, known to most as AIFS.

Although it’s been several years since then, it’s never too late to give some credit where credit is due.

This program was the starting point for many key events in my life and I often wonder how the past five years or so would have turned out if I had not spent Autumn 2007 in London and if I had not chosen to complete the process through AIFS.

In all honesty, I had never seriously thought about studying abroad during college until mid-2006. I knew several people who had done it in the past but the appeal was not strong enough for me to get excited enough about it to pursue the chance.

However, after I hit my sophomore year of college, things started to change. A major professional opportunity junkie, I began completing internships left and right to build my resume and network for my future. This included opening myself up to the possibility of international work experience.

Following one long weekend of research in September 2006, I came away with a list of potential International Internship programs  in London and I was beyond excited to get in touch and learn more.


The two main reasons I chose AIFS over competitors were:

1. Reputation:  Since I was keen to study with a program not affiliated with my university, I wanted to use an organization that was reputable, trustworthy, and with a strong history of being professional and doing specifically what they market themselves to do. AIFS gave me all these things.

2. Customer Service: Along similar lines, I am MAJOR about good customer service (An American Standard I have learned as it’s shocking how people feel about CS in other parts of the world) and I felt that out of all the organizations I contacted who offered International Internships, AIFS sat very well with me with quickly responding to all my questions immediately and reassuring me from the beginning that they would be the perfect choice for me.

In affiliation with Richmond, The American University in London, you have the chance to gain the experience with a great organization and get one of London’s greatest schools listed on your transcript, it’s a win-win situation.


Read more about the application process, the fight, arrival, housing and more in the original post. And you can find out more about the Internship Program on our website.

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