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Last weekend, the weekend of the 18th, was not filled with many “exciting” adventures, due to the fact that midterms were coming up. However, on Saturday during the day, a couple of friends and I decided to go explore Notting Hill and the Portebello markets which are full of vintage and authentic food shops. Earlier in the week, Wednesday to be specific, we went to the Ed Sheeran concert at the O2 which was fantastic! Not only was Ed Sheeran phenomenal, but the O2 itself was a really unique venue filled with tons of shops and restaurants. On Sunday, one of my friends and I got to attend The Chocolate Fashion Show! Before the show we were able to walk around to all the different chocolate tables and try many different kinds of chocolate! Of course, we bought some to take back and share among friends, but we did taste quite a bit of chocolate. The fashion show, although quick, was a really unique experience, and yes the models were actually wearing chocolate!

Midterm week was pretty stressful to be honest. A lot of us were not used to the structure and layout of the midterms over here, but with the help of each other and the professors we made it through with some grace, and hopefully everyone did well and can now prepare for their final papers.

This past weekend was a very calm and relaxing weekend. My friend and I visited my cousins who live about 45 minutes north of London in Stewkley. It was such a lovely weekend to spend with my family and have some comforts of home while abroad. Friday night we went to a nice Italian restaurant and had a delicious risotto, a mini cheesecake and decadent peppermint tea. Saturday we went to Waddesdon Manor and walked around the grounds, where we saw an aviary and some beautiful fall scenery. After walking around for a bit, we got to enjoy a proper English tea time! This included your choice of tea (mine was red fruit infusion), scones, clotted cream, jam, cheesecake, brownies, and small delicacies. It was quite the experience to enjoy tea inside the manor. We then went home and played some football with my cousins out in the garden and had a nice home cooked meal, and then Skyped my family back in Texas and had a wonderful time chatting with them.

Sunday, my friend and I headed back around noon, and after some Underground cancellations (as usual) we finally made it home. The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing before the week begins again. I look forward to Halloween this coming weekend; the next blog should be spooky so look out!


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