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Interning Abroad: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out

by Mikell Melius
AIFS students in front of Buckingham Palace in London

One constantly hears about studying abroad. Whether it is from a friend’s personal experience, your college study abroad office, or from your own research, chances are you have obtained a decent amount of information on the benefits of studying abroad. You probably know that it is a once in a lifetime experience that will not only enrich your future, but enhance your view of the world in general. Now, imagine getting all of that while also gaining work experience in a foreign country.

Interning abroad is not talked about as much as traditional study abroad.

I had never even considered it until I personally looked into AIFS and saw that they offered an internship program. Since I was heading into my fifth year of college it felt too late to simply take classes in Italy. But the internship option fit perfectly. One of the last things I needed to complete my major was an internship and I always wanted to study abroad; it was a match made in heaven. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and now I want to spread the word about my amazing experience.

Here are 5 reasons to intern abroad:

1. Setting Yourself Apart. No matter what degree you graduate with, there will be competition when applying for a job. Employers will look for anything that sets someone apart from the rest. What better way to set yourself apart from the pack then with work experience in a foreign country – something few other applicants, if any, will have.

I was able to travel to Krka National Park in Croatia for my internship.
I was able to travel to Krka National Park in Croatia for my internship.

2. Networking. It’s always a bonus to know people. Creating contacts and connections around the world can only help you in the future.

3. Enhanced Communication Skills. Communication skills are important for any job. If you intern in a different country, especially a country that speaks a foreign language, your communication skills will increase dramatically; something that is beneficial and will stand out to an employer.

4. Travel. Going abroad, you get to experience a new country and a new culture, but often an internship will include even more traveling. For example, a friend in my program has an internship with a fashion company in Florence, and he was able to go with them to Paris Fashion Week. Yes, I said Paris Fashion Week.

5. Opportunity. You never know what can happen after you complete your internship. You could end up being offered a job and now you have the chance to work in Europe, Australia, South America, or any place you have dreamed of living.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interning abroad – a fashion company in Italy, a business internship in Australia; it’s what you make it. However, one thing is certain, your life will never be the same!

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