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by Gianelle Alba

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Goa is India’s smallest state and has the fourth smallest population, but it is by far the most charming place I have visited!

I was having a little bit of homesickness and missing my little ocean state of Rhode Island. So as soon as I searched Goa, I knew I had to go immediately! I bought a ticket at the spur of the moment and got on a plane the next day! There are so many places to visit in Goa. I was accompanied by another foreign student and we decided to spend our four day weekend in Palolem, which is a small beach village. If you are familiar with beach towns, you know the unique energy and culture they have. From the nightlife, to the laid back nature of the natives, you can literally spend the whole time there as a beach bum and that is exactly what we did.

We spent the first  day at Palolem Beach, a beautiful crescent shaped beach lined with thick clusters of tall green palm trees that swayed with the winds coming in from the Arabian Sea. Later that night we found an amazing, authentic Italian restaurant owned but two older women originally from Italy. We filled ourselves with wood-fire grilled pizza, sea food pasta, and savory Goan wine.

Not too far from Palolem, about 7 miles away is Agonda Beach. We rented a scooter for the day and set out to find this beach. To our surprise, it was even more beautiful than Palolem! The beach was completely deserted, not a soul in sight. Due to it being the off-season, the surrounding beach town and all it’s shops and huts were closed, but the beach was ours for taking. It was gorgeous and even that word can’t do it justice. It was the perfect place to lay back, spend the day swimming in the cool waters or reading on the shore.

Goa is a must see place! Anywhere within the state I’m sure is just as beautiful as Palolem and Agonda.

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