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Halloween in Cannes

by Tonnette Peters

Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

halloween4Hello everyone! So as we all know Halloween recently passed and I just wanted to let the world know about my experience. So, here in Cannes the French people are under the impression that Halloween is only about fear. Keep in mind that Halloween is not a French holiday. Everyone had scary faces, blood on their clothes, zombie-like outfits, etc. For me Halloween is one of the only times that people of all ages can dress up in whatever they want and it is socially acceptable. When I was younger I always wanted to be a genie but I never had the opportunity because I never had enough money to buy a genie outfit. But, here in France I had two things: money and opportunity. Hence, I went to the store with Sjoko and found the perfect genie outfit. Many of the children kept telling me that my genie outfit was not a costume because it was not scary. I do not understand why the French have this impression that Halloween is all about being scary. I shocked that the kids do not go trick-or-treating; yep, let that sink in! Shoko and I went to a pub that is well known because they have karaoke every night. People were shocked at our costumes because we were far from scary and kept taking random pictures of us regardless of where we went. After going out, I was hungry so we went to McDonalds. Yeah, it sounds crazy but McDo (the French name) is the cheapest and most convienent place open late at night. I think that Halloween in Cannes was the best Halloween that I have had thus far. People called us the African Princess and the Japanese Princess. It’s offical – we’re famous!




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