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by Tonnette Peters

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Bonjour tout le monde!

10653497_10152742495170996_3617998467885303837_nI just thought a good story to share would  be my hilarious experience during my first week with my host family. First of all, when I arrived in Cannes, I could not understand anything in French. I am not used to hearing people converse in French. I was terrified when I first met my host family because I could not understand anything, and when I say anything I mean nothing. I live with Nabil and Fabien and her four children: Charlette (23), Samantha (21), Thomas (18), and LeeLou (4). I was very confused during my first encounter with the family because LeeLou kept asking me if I speak Arabic. Why in the world would I speak Arabic? Well, I soon learned that Nabil and LeeLou speak Arabic as well as French. So here I am in a house full of people who do not speak English at all. Great. I did not have a roommate at the time because she was arriving a few days later. I was impressed by how large the house was. There is an upstairs and downstairs and my room is upstairs along with the rooms of Charlette and Samantha and the bathroom. Downstairs are the rooms of Thomas and Fabien along with a living room, kitchen, dining room, and a large bathroom.

After a few nights with my family, I realized that I had the best life ever! Here I am studying abroad in Cannes, France, a place that gives the impression that I am on vacation. I am learning so much French because of the fact that I live with a family. I am excited about my future excursions, and my family is awesome. To top it off, my host mom payed for free calls to house phones in the United States so that I could talk to my mom. What more can a person ask for? A few days later, my roommate Rebeka arrived at 3 am. We did not have a chance to properly introduce ourselves to one another because she arrived really late. I was half asleep when I heard Rebeka scruffling around the room. After listening to her crazy rants about how she thought there was a rat in the room, I decided to get up and look for myself. After being with this family for about a week I had never seen a rat in the house, or in Cannes in general. At that moment I just wanted to kill my roommate. I forgot to mention that I had a really impotant test the next day. Rebeka decided to get up and search for the rat. Me, I decided to lay down because there is absolutely no way that I am going to search for a rodent.

I thought that I was going back to sleep until I saw a large black rat running across my bedroom floor. I instantly stood on the bed and began screaming! I began crying because I was terrified! I watched the rat run out of my room and Fabien soon arrived. When she arrived I was delusional; I refused to get down from the bed, I refused to sleep in my room, I could not stop shaking or crying. I went to sleep on the couch because I was afraid that the rat would return to my room. After being paranoid, I finally went to sleep at 5am. When I woke up my roommate was fully dressed and eating breakfast. I assumed that it was safe to go back to my room but I was fooled. What did I see as soon as I opened my room door? The rat running around my room! I quickly closed the door and told Fabien that the rat was in my room. After much struggle, Fabien and Charlette successfully killed the rat. Charlette looked at me and said bonne nuit. Blah.

At dinner that night the family wanted to know why I was screaming around 4am.  Fabien told the family that I was afraid of a little mouse, like Mickey Mouse. Okay for all of my readers, let me be clear. Mickey Mouse is petit and adorable; that rat running around my room was big and nowhere near adorable.  But, of course everyone made numerous jokes for the next week or so. When la petite LeeLou wanted to threaten me she would say “Tonnette, j’appelle Mickey! D’accord, il arrive!” LOL!

So I guess we all have interesting stories from when we study abroad, and this is one that I will never forget. The Mickey Mouse joke is still being made to this day. And this is what I think of when I think about Mickey Mouse from now on. Here are a few photos of the College International de Cannes, my house, and the view.

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