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A Spook-tacular Weekend in London!

by Katherine Gesoff

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This past weekend was  HALLOWEEN!! And what an awesome weekend it was indeed! The Halloween adventures began on Thursday at “The Walkabout” at Temple in London for Scareoke! This event was where goons and goblins could join together in a mysterious bond with music and lyrics. This night I decided to dress up as a Vampire Lumberjack, fit with fake teeth and all! There were zombies, fairies, witches, and even Beetle-juice made an appearance! We all sang our hearts out until the early morning and had a great start to the Halloween weekend!

On Friday (actual Halloween),before the evening Halloween adventures commenced, my two friends and I ventured to Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4. This was such a fun little excursion complete with some priceless pictures! For the evening festivities, a group of us bought tickets in advance to go to a club called “Troxy.” This is a really unique venue because it is an old theater turned into a club! So the acoustics were great and there was a ton of room to get your dance on! There were tons of costumes, cats, dragons, police officers, more zombies, and even Elvis. I, on the other hand, went as “The Day of the Dead” and freaked some people out with my makeup, so I have to give myself kudos for doing my own makeup! After we went to Troxy we made our way to the infamous Roxy for a continuation of the spooktacular events. After that we walked around for a bit to discover Halloween London and it was awesome!


Saturday was more of a calm day, we all hung out during the day and reminisced about the previous night’s adventures, and had a pizza party for a friend’s birthday. Saturday was not filled with costumes on our part, seeing as though our faces were tired of makeup.

LONDON 093Sunday was a relaxing yet exciting day. Two friends and I went to Madame Tussaud’s and had quite the surprising experience! For 30 pounds, we thought that was a little pricey, however it was so much more than we expected! I won’t say what all there is to do because if you go I want it to be a surprise for you as well, but I will say that it is truly an awesome and fun experience! After that we grabbed some dinner at Nando’s and headed back to our lairs for some homework time.

To say it was an eventful weekend would be an understatement! Halloween is definitely and experience to have in London, and hopefully it will not be my last here.

Have a great week and study hard!




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