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Alumni Share Their Thoughts on IEW

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For International Education Week we asked our alumni to share their stories. What does international education mean to you? What did you learn during your time abroad? Why is international exchange important, now more than ever?

Adrienne studied in Grenoble, France and shared the above photo along with her thoughts:

Things changed after I came home from my semester abroad; I changed. Not to say I came home a different person, but I came home with a clearer sense of me. I learned that I am capable of more than I give myself credit, that my comfort zone is not somewhere I want to stay, and that travel language and culture are what I am truly passionate about. Somehow, leaving everything I’d ever known behind led me to finding myself.







Rachel studied abroad in Rome and shared how the experience impacted her personal growth and the close bonds that you form with your friends and classmates:


rachelIEW“International education changes you in ways you could never imagine. I’m more outgoing, ambitious, and confident in everything I do. Because of my study abroad experience, I found my passion in life. I’ve discovered a future that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before going abroad. My study abroad faculty and staff have become my mentors, and my study abroad peers have become my family. With international eduction, the world becomes your classroom. Because of the Center for Academic and Global Engagement and AIFS, my world grew immensely. Happy International Education Week!”

Share your stories and thoughts about international education with us on Twitter @aifsabroad and find out more about studying, interning and volunteering abroad on our website. Happy International Education Week! #IEW2014


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