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That One Day We Went to the Market

by Tonnette Peters

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I’ve been on the run lately and very occupied with traveling the world but I will give you an update of course. So, if you do not remember, I mentioned my bestest friend Shoko (Junie B. Jones reference for those of you who know who she is). Voila! Here is Shoko and I.

One day during French class (A2.3), Claude decided to take the class on a trip to the local market to teach us about the different venders and understand ‘qui vend quoi.’ On Rue Maynadier, also known as the cheap street, there is a man who makes custom embroideries. I simply stated that I wanted to buy a custom apron for my mom and he decided to do a free demonstration for yours truly, and of course Shoko received a free sample as well! I am always called lucky because apparently it is not normal to receive free things on a daily basis. What makes me so lucky? Is it the fact that I am adorable? Maybe. But the real reason is simple; I am always smiling! Hence, my advice is simple:

If you are American and studying abroad in France, smile!

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