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by Tonnette Peters

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So can you guess where this is? Voila! C’est Saint Tropez! The AIFS group had an excursion to Saint Tropez. This was a special weekend because there was a huge sale going on at the market. Sadly, no one accepted credit cards and I did not find a bank nearby, so I could not buy anything besides food. During this particular trip, I took the time to spend the day with Iris, another member of the AIFS Cannes group. While searching for garlic cloves and olives I discovered  spicy olives and fell in love. Me and these spicy olives have been dating for about a little over a month now. After wandering around for about an hour, we decided to buy some food to eat and I came across rabbit. At first, the thought of eating rabbit seemed weird. But, my curiousity led me to try a piece. But I did not have enough money to buy rabbit so the lady at the market was nice enough to give me a piece for free. The rabbit was amazing! Where have I been and why have I not been eating rabbit before? I think it’s because of the fact that it is very expensive. But, do not let the price of things prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. After lunch, Iris and I decided to go the “Citadelle.”



While climbing the stairs, a nice older man who gave us a tour. We found the beach and took a break. I think that people don’t know much about me and typically judge me based off of my physical appearance. People don’t know this, but I love listening to the sea. So, when I have the opportunity I go out to the beach and simply sit and listen to the waves. It was such a beautiful view at Saint Tropez. I had the opportunity to think about the blessings that I have received and the power that I have. It is not normal to travel across the world and visit all of these beautiful places. I have the power to let others know that there is more out there in the world than the small city that you live in. I have the power to educate others and to be a role model for others. What else is there to do?

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