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All Good Things Must Come to an End

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Taking in the beautiful view of Stellenbosch one last time 


Student blogger Aimee studied abroad in South Africa with us this past semester –check out all of her posts here— and for her final blog post, she reflected on her time in South Africa and what she has taken away from the experience. Read on:

The classes are finished, the exams have been taken, and the bags are packed. Uffda. it’s been a crazy few weeks of goodbyes, travels, and enjoying Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

In my last few hours in South Africa (I’m tearing up just writing that), I have so many emotions. I have come away from this experience with friends from all over the globe—both South Africans and other international students like myself. Many of my South African friends have promised to come to the States and look me up and I have made many European friends that can show me around their countries when I take on Europe (hopefully soon!). One would think that much of studying abroad is about the place you go, but I have found that so much of it is about the people. They are the ones you share the mind-blowing experiences with, who contribute the new perspectives in each conversation, and who you will be able to reminisce about the good ‘ole days in South Africa with. This country will always have a piece of my heart, as it is a place that has opened up my eyes and shown me so much. From landscape to people—you won’t find richer diversity.

Now I’m looking forward to returning to the frozen tundra and enjoying quality time with family and friends. I’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit (my favorite time of the year), eating a lot of Chipotle, and seeing what part of the world my wanderlust brings me to next.

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