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Fodor’s Go List 2015

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A photo of the Coastal Desert in Namibia, submitted by an AIFS student


To help you plan your travel, Fodor’s just came out with their Go List 2015. What’s on the list? “The 25 can’t-miss spots that we think should be on every traveler’s radar in 2015. Featuring emerging hot spots, value destinations, locations that are hosting special events in 2015, and more.”

We may not have a program in the Arctic (yet…) but you can visit many of these hot spots on an AIFS program!

Bordering South Africa, many students take a trip to Namibia to visit the Coastal Desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But there’s so much to do and see in Namibia: safari, adventure sports, abandoned industrial towns, ancient rock carvings, ecotourism, hiking, and the largest canyon in Africa.

Volcanoes, lakes, mountain villages and a UNESCO World Heritage Site former capital city that’s fast becoming a foodie destination, all make Guatemala a traveler’s dream. Catch a flight to Guatemala City (from $200-$300), and the sky’s the limit: rainforests, Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Mayan ruins, archaeological sites, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, caves, former colonial cities, churches and monasteries, and an emerging, modernizing country.

You could study in Florence or Rome as well, but Cannes is a great base for exploring both the south of France and Italy’s northwest. Turin, Piedmon’t capital, is three hours away and the Italian border about an hour. Recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the region is full of museums, castles, cathedrals, wineries, and small cities and villages you’ll want to linger in, enjoying the less “touristy,” authentic, Italy.

Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia has some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Book a flight to Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world, to visit Tierra del Fuego, or go with a tour company that takes you all the way from Santiago to Ushuaia by bus, taking you through volcanic landscape, the Chilean Fjord Coast and more.

Quaint, vibrant and affordable, there will be so many sights to see on your list you may have to make another trip! Vampires aside, Romania offers castles, spectacular salt mines, glacial lakes in the Carpathian mountains, and so much more. From centrally located Salzburg you can catch a quick flight or take a scenic train ride.

A cultural capital in the heart of Bohemia, Pilsen will host more than 600 events in 2015. Our program in Prague includes a day trip to Pilsen among other cultural activities, but consider spending a little more time in Pilsen, checking out the art scene, the architecture and one of the many events going on this year.

Our program in Perth is on the west coast, but in addition to the travel and excursions on our program (Fiji, the Western Outback, Shark Bay and more) plan a trip to visit the cities on the east coast. Sydney is famous in its own right, but Melbourne, Australia’s “most European city” is a culinary destination and the country’s cultural capital.

Study anywhere in Europe and you can visit Paris. But study in Paris to get the true experience. New architectural marvels were unveiled last year and the Picasso Museum reopened after a lengthy renovation. Apparently it’s the hottest spot in town and tickets are selling out weeks in advance! Go for the art, the food, the culture and so much more.

With some of the best beaches in South America, Punta del Este is worth the visit! An easy trip by ferry or plane from Buenos Aires, aside from the spectacular beaches there is ecotourism, great dining, and local craft markets to explore.

Get out of the cities and experience the dramatic and wild landscapes of the Silk Road. Our takes you to Xi’ian (and four other cities), the main hub for the Silk Road.


So where will you go this year? Read Fodor’s full Go List here, and use our Program Finder to search by term or course, and explore all of our program options– internships, service learning, travel programs and study abroad in more than 20 countries. Or check out our Travel Ideas Pinterest Board to get some inspiration!

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