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Pre-Departure Jitters

by Catherine Fravel

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Big Ben Selfie

Big Ben Selfie

Before I left to begin my three-week journey to the London metropolis, I was anything but relaxed. I must admit, that I am actually writing this after my study abroad experience has come to an end (I’m actually on the flight back home as I type!), but I still, very clearly, remember how I felt before I left and I write this because I am sure that many perspective students are having the same anxieties that I felt before going so far from home. So I just want to ensure everyone out there that this trip will be the time of your life! Keep reminding yourself how rare of an experience this will be and how extraordinary it is that you have the opportunity!

In fact, about a month before my scheduled flight, I began worrying about everything— Do I have a roommate? Will I have any friends? Will I even have time to explore the city with class?! I was so overwhelmed with all these thoughts racing through my head that I chose to ignore them the best I could, and consequently never sat down and planned what I wanted to see, do, and experience when I finally made it to the United Kingdom. I was also dealing with a stressful semester at my university, finals week, and applying to graduate schools. The last thing I wanted to do was think about leaving my friends and family during winter break, which seemed like the only free time I would ever get to experience. Surely enough, Christmas passed and I found myself on New Year’s Day franticly packing and contacting my credit card companies and cell phone providers to let them know I was going out of the country. I did not get to enjoy my last day home because of having put these necessities off until the last minute. I forced myself on the plane that afternoon and headed to London totally underprepared (and probably over-packed!)
Now, as I am on my way home three-weeks later, I can assure you that this has been the trip of a lifetime. I almost “accidentally” missed my flight, if you catch my drift. To answer all the questions that were rushing through my head as I left— I had  awesome living accommodations (my own apartment equipped with kitchen, bath, and bed), I made many amazing friends (there were totally tears at our going away dinner), and I had tons of time to explore the city as class only took up three hours a day and the weekends were 100% free time. I am saying this in all honestly, if I could have stayed another week I would have—I actually wish I had considered a whole semester abroad! So wherever you are heading in the future that has prompted you to read this (I hope it is London!) I assure you will have an amazing time and that there is nothing to worry about.

If you are considering traveling to London or think I could help you in anyway, feel free to send me an email at: cfravel6@vt.edu

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