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J Term: Week #2 in Florence

Boboli Gardens at sunset

It’s my second week here and I’m falling more in love with Florence each day. This week was filled with with fun activities and tours after class. Each day was something new and exciting. After a weekend in Venice, I was ready to start off the new week in Florence and get back on track. Our first stop was a a walk through the Boboli Gardens. It was a gorgeous day! Perfect for wandering around and exploring, not to mention snapping a few pictures. The sun was setting and the views were stunning.  It was a perfect way to start off such an eventful week back in my temporary home.

Our second excursion for the week was a wine tasting in the countryside of Tuscany. This had to be one of my favorite events! Late afternoon we headed out to Castello di Verrazzano, a winery from the late Romanesque period. Our guide showed us wine-making techniques and all the ins and outs of the property. The view was specatcular and such a perfect day. This was a great way to learn about wine making in Italy, and a good bonding experience with my classmates as well.

Gorgeous view from Castello di Verrazzano


Wine cellar from Castello di Verrazzano


Our final day before heading to Rome, we made pizza; what a perfect way to end the week. We gathered at a local pizzeria and got to cookin! We were taught different techniques on how to make pizza and customized our own. And then we even got to taste our creations! I can’t say I’m a chef in the kitchen, but now I’d consider myself an expert when it comes to pizza.

Pizza Making!

Our weekend was spent in Rome, and what a gorgeous weekend it was. I was stunned by what Rome had to offer. It’s much bigger than Florence and Venice, and it was filled with beautiful architecture and history. We visited the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Vatican City among many other sites. It was very surreal for me. I’ve always seen pictures of Rome, but being here is a totally different experience. Every where I turned there was something to look at and new things to learn. Not to mention, the food! The most important part! Being hungry is never an issue in Rome. There are so many cafes and restaurants to grab a bite to eat or sit down for a meal. And a girl can never have too much lasagna! Most of my trip was spent capturing moments of people, monuments, and views of the city. Until we meet again, Rome!

Vatican City!

With my classmates at the Colosseum

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