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Coming Home

by Carrigan Cleveringa

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Well, we’re home. The most memorable 3 weeks of my life have come to an end, but the memories will replay in my mind forever. I find myself sitting here anxiously waiting for messages or snapchats from the friends I made abroad and grew to love. I play scenes in my head from the memories we made there in Greece, making my heart very happy. I find myself laughing out loud at times because of all of the hilarious moments we shared together. It’s so weird to think that has all ended. It’s so hard to tell people about my trip because words and pictures don’t do any justice. There’s too much beauty, too much wonder to explain.

athens greece studentI know the saying “travel is good for the soul,” sounds so cliché, but really, it is. It opens your mind to new food, new people, and new adventures. Once you travel, there is no more being close-minded. That craving for more travel is real. I already have a list about a page long of where I want to go next. It makes me laugh knowing that list will never have an end.

Greece will always hold a very special place in my heart. The friends I have made, Greek or American, are friends that will last a lifetime. I will cherish the memories while anxiously waiting to make new ones. Studying abroad made me realize just how wide open my world can be, as long as I allow myself to be changed by it.


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