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The 2 Cities in China to Visit in 2015

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The New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2015 had two places in China: Chengdu and Shanghai. We’re pretty excited since you can visit both of these historic and cultural gems on our Chinese History and Culture summer program! Why visit these cities?

On Chengdu: Pandas are the big draw, “but adventurous chefs and boutique hotels are now giving visitors a reason to linger after seeing the star residents. Chengdu’s food is known for its fire, but at restaurants like Yu Zhi Lan, where an exquisite 20-course meal is served on the chef’s homemade pottery, it’s also refined. The hotels have a new sophistication, too. Temple House, a Swire Hotels property opening early this year, follows the success of Opposite House in Beijing and Upper House in Hong Kong, mixing modern Chinese design with the preservation of courtyard buildings from the Qing dynasty.”

On Shanghai: The museums are must see, “thanks to the opening of several private museums with curatorial aspirations to match the beautiful facades. Last March, the collectors Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei, known for their attention-grabbing art auction purchases, opened the Long Museum (West Bund), which was followed two months later by the Yuz Museum, exhibiting installation works in an airport hangar converted by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. In November came yet another: the 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, in the former French pavilion from the 2010 World Expo.”

In the course we offer, Many Chinas, “Old” and “New,” students will gain a comprehensive introduction to the major themes and events of Chinese history and how it has shaped its rise to power in the 21st century. It combines in-class studies with visits to architectural, contemporary and historical sites in an intensive program of study. As such, it is a unique field-work-led learning opportunity.

Read more about the program on our website, and read the rest of the 50 places you should visit this year!

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