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Surviving My First Week in Grenoble

by Katelyn Lyman

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Howdy Everyone!

snow winter tram Grenoble FranceAfter my first week here in France, I can honestly say this place is absolutely beautiful. If you have never been to Grenoble before, it is located in the Rhône-Alps provence and is completely surrounded by massive mountains. Being from Texas, we don’t normally see mountains. The culture is different from the United States but it is easy to get used to. For example, when eating at a restaurant you can eat and chat for a long time without feeling rushed out the door like in American restaurants. It snowed a lot during the first week but the weather has cleared up since then.

I can honestly tell a difference in my French speaking skills. I am taking classes at the University of Grenoble-Stendhal through the Intensive French Program. The classes are vastly different from American classes in that students talk more than the professors, which is good when you’re learning a new language.

bastille view of Grenoble FranceThere are a surprising number of affordable activities in Grenoble for students. This weekend I hope to go ice skating or just hang out at a local café with my friends. A couple of days ago we climbed the Bastille which just happens to have the best view of Grenoble!

À bientôt!



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