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Experiencing New Cultures in Grenoble

Though smaller than a big city like Paris, Grenoble is a diverse city. There are a range of cultures and communities from different parts of the world here, which can be seen in the restaurants which range from Spanish to Indian and everything in between. This week I had the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year with some of the Chinese students from my intensive language classes at Stendhal.

First, I tried my hand at making real Chinese dumplings which is a lot harder than it looks; they just told me mine were pas mal —not bad! We ended up making over 600 dumplings for the whole neighborhood to come and celebrate with us.

I also learned how to spell my name in Chinese, which looks prettier than in English! We celebrated with live music, a traditional Chinese play about the history of Chinese New Year, and, of course, fireworks.

À bientôt!

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