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Servus from Salzburg!

by Tori Moore
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Servus (hi!) from Salzburg.

Hello everyone! My name is Tori and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I study journalism at the University of South Carolina and I’m currently spending spring 2015 abroad in Salzburg, Austria.

Studying abroad has always been a part of my plan. Go to college, study abroad, become a rich and famous journalist, retire in an Upper East Side penthouse. You know, the plan. When I was younger I often thought about studying abroad in the south of France and riding my bike along the lavender fields, or eating my weight in delicious spaghetti and caprese salads while watching the sun set in Tuscany. Never did I picture myself bundled up and freezing in the middle of the pre-Alps. Well, here we are. And here I am.

In the grand scheme of study abroad cities, Salzburg is often overlooked because it’s in Austria, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is not Italy or France. It’s cold here (for me anyway) and there are no beaches.

But Salzburg is centrally located, which means that in three hours or less I could be in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia or the Czech Republic. There are beautiful snow covered fields in almost every direction, and if you’re ever higher than the skyline you can see beautiful snow covered rooftops. There aren’t any beaches that lead to oceans, but Austria is famous for a gorgeous lake district where one can sunbathe and gaze at the dreamy mountainous horizon.

Life is pretty good here in Salzburg.

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