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While Abroad, Wander

by Candice Kalil
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My name is Candice and I am a Junior at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. I’m studying abroad this semester in Granada, Spain and it’s already been a month here! It feels like we just got here and yet being in the US also feels like it was a long time ago. It’s a mix, but the time is starting to fly and I cannot wait for the next three months!

When you plan to go abroad and get to live in this or that country, you really become immersed in the culture in more ways than you think. Some things that stand out to me, especially when I first got here, are how it’s “not done” to walk around outside with wet hair from just taking a shower, or even walk around while eating or drinking. My favorite is thar the dogs here are more dressed up than I am any given day. People here go to good lengths to buy the most adorable and stylish outfits for their pups, even down to the leashes and bows. There are times where I can’t help but compare the culture here to the U.S., because that is what I know. After a month here I am learning to do that less and less. Immersing yourself in another culture helps you learn and keep an open mind.

On Sunday, a group of us went on a day trip the villages of La Alpujarra named Pampaniera, Bubión and Capiliera. The three quaint villages were located a few miles apart from each other on the south side of the Sierra Nevadas. We were dropped of at the lower village of Pampaniera and from there hiked through the hills to the other two. The best way to describe it is think of the mountains of Colorado with the buildings of Greece dropped right in them. It was a blast having a big group and we took the time to just wander around the area and hike through the different little villages. We sat for lunch and made a whole bunch of new furry friends. The towns were Mediterranean style and had different characteristics like farms and buildings, all with nothing short of a beautiful view, and even a small chocolate factory that we couldn’t pass up.

A bluebird day, great views and great friends all made for a great hiking filled weekend!

La Alpujarra Sierra Nevadas Spain

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