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Day Trip To Lyon

by Katelyn Lyman
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On Saturday, the AIFS group went to Lyon for the day. For those who don’t know, Lyon is the third largest city in France. About an hour away from Grenoble, it is built around a river as, I am beginning to realize, most towns in France are. It is home to a diverse cultural center where people speak a lot more English than in other parts of France. This would be an ideal city to visit for those who don’t know much French but love France.
lions lyon zoo france


When we arrived in Lyon we spent 2 hours at a zoo and botanical garden, located in a giant park in the middle of the city.

After the park we made our way to the central area of Lyon to visit the Cathedrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon. This cathedral is a must see for everyone, the picture does not do it justice. The amount of detailing along the walls and ceiling was incredible. Not to mention there is an amazing view of the city from the church.

Cathedrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon Cathedral of Lyon France interior

view of Lyon France from Cathedral

Although we were in Lyon for one day, there is definitely so much more to see. I will  have to make my way back to Lyon and explore more before returning  home! The next trip is to Monaco! A Bientot!

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