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Tropical Medicine Field Trip: Clinica Catolica

by Mackenzie Hudson

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This past Thursday my Tropical Medicine class went for a visit to a private hospital called Clinica Catolica. I’ve heard great things about this hospital, however walking in I thought it looked more like the inside of a hotel. And in fact there is a hotel connected to the hospital that is run by nuns. A lot of people go there for plastic surgery because they can stay in the hospital’s hotel and feel very comfortable there. It is similar in some ways to the Clinica Biblica hospital I went to with my Spanish for Health Professionalss class in January. It is a place that only those who can afford it go, but they give care that other hospitals can’t and have fewer people. They have hyperbaric chambers for divers when they get the bends and have an extremely high cure rate. There were sheer curtains draped everywhere, beautiful paintings spread about the walls, and statues and fountains scattered about. We were told that if we know enough Spanish we could possibly volunteer there. I’m going to see if I can volunteer, which would be an amazing opportunity at such a prestigious hospital.



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