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Baldi Hot Springs, Arenal, and Monteverde

by Mackenzie Hudson

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baldi hot springs costa ricaFriday started off at natural hot springs. There were water slides and waterfalls and all sorts of manmade structures. It was called the Baldi Resort and had multiple pools, each one hotter than the next. The water slides were really fun, and literally land you in hot water. We eventually ended the night in a pool that had changing colored lights.

The next day we left early in the morning for La Fortuna waterfall. It is known for being one of Costa Rica’s top experiences and I couldn’t disagree. There were lots of steps and climbing down but once you get to the bottom of this massive rainforest, there was the waterfall pounding down. We made our way into the water at the base and at first it was freezing. But how could you make the whole journey down and not go in the water? After a while I even felt warm and could have gone swimming, if it weren’t for how powerful the water was. It can easily sweep someone down the river. Standing there in the water being sprayed by the waterfall and surrounded by huge rock walls covered with green and trickling water, is indescribable.

We were on our own for lunch and shopping until we left for Monteverde. We took a tiny bus to a lake and then a river boat across the lake. From the lake we could see a great view of the Arenal Volcano. After the boat we landed and got onto another little bus which is where I am now typing away on my phone. The ride is supposed to be about two hours and we are driving up and down humongous windy hills. Although the ride is bumpy the gorgeous view makes up for it. Everything is green and there are cows and horses everywhere. The hills are lined with trees used as fences to keep the animals from getting lost in the land. Clouds mystically cover the tops if the hills making you wonder if any people have ever ventured up there. Few houses line the roads and although they aren’t the biggest houses or in the best conditions, something about being in the middle of nowhere with beauty on all sides draws me in. In two hours we will be landing at a resort to stay the night and go canopy zip-lining tomorrow.

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