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An Alumni Reflection

by AIFS Study Abroad
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Alumni Ambassador Demetrius studied abroad with us in Australia, and recently she lost her close friend and roommate from her time abroad. Demetrius shared a reflection with us about her time in Perth with Becky, and the impact she had on her:

“Hey y’all! How y’all doing?” were the first words I heard from that cheerful Texan voice, Rebecca “Becky” Keel.  That first encounter with her was when I knew that we would have the best time studying abroad together!

Becky was my roommate during our study abroad in Australia. Initially I was planning to have a room alone, but deciding to have a roomie was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I never thought that I would ever become so personally connected to someone in such a short period of time. Becky had a personality that was full of sunshine and energy; she was so cheerful and brought smiles to everyone that she encountered. She was easy to love and always fun to be around, and lived each day like it was her last. Becky and I were like peanut butter and jelly in Australia. She called me “Lil Meech” and I called her “Becks,” while we fulfilled our dream in Australia together one day at a time.

We learned a lot from one another. She taught me how to “loosen up” and enjoy myself more; I taught her how a good portion of studying abroad is actually school work rather than just exploring the country. I couldn’t imagine anyone other than Becks that would convince me to take long naps on the beach almost every day, endure a 10 day camping trip in the outback of Australia, hike 4 hours up a volcano in Indonesia, ride an elephant, and many more amazing adventures!

Becky’s beautiful soul and free spirited personality brought so much positivity to my life.  She was such an amazing person. Exploring Australia was her ultimate dream and I’m more than proud to have experienced that dream with her. Becky wasn’t just another roommate, but a genuine and great friend. This world was blessed to have someone that touched so many hearts. She created so many memories with so many people, not only throughout the country, but also throughout the world.

Becky was a person that conquered the world and I’m pleased that she ran across me in the process. Having a roommate abroad is a beautiful thing! You laugh and cry together, overcome fears, learn new skills, and appreciate the journey. Becky was the best roomie that I ever had and I thank AIFS for allowing that to happen. Now that she rests in peace, I’m pretty sure that Becky is smiling down on every single person that she encountered.

Rest in Peace, Becky. I will forever cherish the memories of our journeys as “Lil Meech & Becks!”

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