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Coffee Plantation, Poas Volcano, and La Paz Waterfall Gardens

by Mackenzie Hudson

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This past Saturday was a day trip and it was nice to have a little break from traveling here to there for the whole weekend. Our first destination was the coffee plantation. I’m not a fan of coffee but I tried the raw coffee beans and it tasted very sweet. The plantation was gorgeous and stretched on out over the land even up the steep hills. Next we went to the Poas Volcano. Unfortunately we could not see the volcano because it was so cloudy, but after realizing it was in a cloud forest it didn’t seem so surprising we couldn’t see it. Afterwards we traveled to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

At first I thought we were going to only see a waterfall. The waterfall gardens are actually a place where you get to see lots of different types of animals, and even hold some of them. Right off the bat I got to hold a toucan! Then we went into a room that had tons of butterflies flying around. I dipped my finger into the lemon juice and they would land on me. I was really a cool sight to see so many types flying around and to watch butterflies hatch from cocoons mounted on the walls. I also got to see different types of birds, ocelots, and monkeys. I walked through a room that contained poisonous frogs and the last room was full of hummingbirds. I have seen a few throughout my life but I have never seen so many at once. They flew by just barely missing my face, and I could tell just how powerful their tiny wings were from the strong wind I felt as they went by.

After a delicious buffet for lunch, we walked through the forest and there were actually three waterfalls, one continuing to the next. Since being in Costa Rica I’ve become a fan of waterfalls. They’re so majestic and seem peaceful even considering how powerful and deadly they can be. Unlike the La Fortuna Waterfall I visited last weekend, we weren’t able to swim in these waterfalls because they are much more dangerous. I wish we could have seen the volcano this trip but I guess that just means I’ll have to go back another other time. ¡Pura Vida!

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