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Adrenaline (Monteverde Part 2)

by Mackenzie Hudson
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Sunday we woke up early in the morning in our little cabins on the side of a mountain overlooking the town. A light mist was penetrating the faint sun and the wind was howling. I’ve never gone zip lining before and had this idea that I would practically be crashing into trees trying to stop, but that was not the case. It was actually very safe and I can say I successfully did not crash into any trees. There were nine different lines but each view was gorgeous. We were surrounded by tall trees and greenery, everything shining from the drizzling rain. Then eventually I got to the longest zip line in Latin America. It was amazing. We could go two at a time if we wanted so my friend Jenni and I both strapped on and went together. The line was so far above the forest below that we were going through clouds. Water droplets ran off of our faces and helmets. It was unreal.

Once we got to the end of the lines they gave us two choices: the Mega Tarzan Swing or walk back to the start. The Tarzan Swing is a 150 foot free fall and is similar to bungee jumping. The difference between the two is that for the Tarzan Swing you are attached to a rope at the waist and have to hold onto it with your hands, giving yourself that “Tarzan-swinging look.” However, you drop 150 feet before you start swinging. At first I said “no way am I going to do that, I’d rather go skydiving.” Yet a second after looking at the tarzan bridge my mind changed immediately. Only one person can walk out on the bridge at a time to jump. Walking out on the bridge was scary enough that I was shaking all over. My adrenaline immediately shot up, and when they opened the doors and said “JUMP,” I about had a heart attack. I bent my knees and went for it, screaming my head off as my stomach dropped. The view was amazing and once I caught enough tension on the rope to swing all my fear went away. I understand now how people get hooked on doing dangerous things because my adrenaline was so high that afterwards I could have gone bungee jumping and skydiving. I’ll leave those for another day though… ¡Pura Vida!

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Below is a video of the tarzan swing, you can hear how scared I was!


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