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by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Three weeks ago, I arrived at the Wellington airport following four connecting flights. However, having had the opportunity to meet and bond with several of the other students on my program along the way, I really can’t complain. I enjoyed every minute of my journey. Arriving in Wellington only made it better!

friends wellington harbor new zealandNot long after settling into my flat, I met my two flatmates for the trimester. The first, Sylvia, is from Canada and the second, Adele, is from Hong Kong. I’ve become fast friends with both of them and through them I’ve met quite a few people to explore the city with over the next few months. I’ve also begun my classes, and despite having to adjust to a teaching style that’s a bit different than the one I’m used to back home in New Jersey, I’m quickly adapting and appreciating the changes.

carving wellington harbor new zealandOne of the first areas that I was able to visit after orientation with some of my newfound friends was the waterfront by Lambton Harbor. It’s very lively, with a generous amount of statues and memorials as well as modern art. It’s also home to many cultural events and open markets throughout the year. For example, just last night I attended the Southeast Asian open market. Tomorrow, I plan to go to the weekly Sunday market to pick up some fresh discounted fruit and vegetables, which are much cheaper than the brands you’ll find in local supermarkets.

I hope to only see and learn more over the coming weeks!

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