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Austrian Cooking Class

by Tori Moore

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So far, the biggest adjustment in Austria has been the amount of cooking that students do. There aren’t any cafeterias, so students are on their own for dinner. This has been especially hard for me since I don’t have a single domestic bone in my body. I’ve been living off of microwavable lasagna, pre-made salads and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

When AIFS told us that we had the chance to take a cooking class, I jumped at the opportunity. Cooking classes are fun and the food is always amazing.

In this class we made apple strudel, wienerschnitzel, parsley potatoes and potato salad. They were all absolutely incredible, and not very difficult to make. Our instructor told us from the start that we were going to be making the food and she would just give suggestions, and she stuck to that statement. I think part of the reward when it came time to eat the meal was that I had contributed to all of the dishes without anyone’s help– a really big accomplishment for me!

The best part of the whole class was getting to take the recipes home with us. Even though all of the measurements are in grams, I can guarantee that I’ll be trying to recreate this meal when I get home!

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