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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

by Candice Kalil

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It’s already been almost two months in Granada and I honestly could not tell you where the time went; it is flying by. I feel like I know Granada so well but at the same time I feel like there is still so much to do and my program is almost halfway done!

Recently, as I have been walking around the city, hiking and even talking with my friends I have noticed my Spanish getting so much better. Conversations are still a little shaky since I tend to need a little bit of time to think out what I have to say, but I am able to get by with everything else while also being able to comprehend the language really well. A trick I was told and found helped was watching TV or movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. I had to look up the random words I didn’t know but it was really helpful in understanding everything!
Every weekend I tend to have something planned, whether it is a day trip with my program or a weekend trip I have planned with friends, so I try to explore Granada a lot during the week after class and on the weekends.  Granada is great in the sense that even though it is a city, it has a lot of good hiking and places to walk to find “miradors” or lookout points with unreal views.  You get both the city and mountain feel all in one place which is pretty unique. I can go for a hike up through the Albayzín to see different miradors and then walk down and hit the hustle and bustle of the center of the city. I am halfway through my program and already know how much trouble I am going to have leaving at the end of the semester. Different things from the quaint coffee shops near my apartment I like to stop at, the millions of places to explore and even walking past King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on my way to school (yes they are buried here in Granada as it was the last area they conquered from the Moors), I am going to miss it all and make the most of the next two months I have here.
Learning all the different cultural aspects of the city and really just wandering are some of my favorite parts of living here. I look around and sometimes still can’t believe I live here. Here’s to two great months and two more to come!
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