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¡Vamos Saprissa!

by Mackenzie Hudson

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Wednesday night I went to my first fútbol game between Saprissa and Club America Mexico. I’ve heard that the atmosphere at these games is loud and wild, and now I can attest to that! Dressed in the Saprissa color (purple), 50 of us students went to the game. A few of us were in the Sol Sur section of the stadium, and the rest, including myself, sat in Sol Norte. I thought the Sol Norte fans were crazy but Sol Sur was insane! The whole section jumps up and down, sings, chants, and boos the other team throughout the entire game. They played drums the whole time and the chants echoed. And at the beginning of the game a purple powder was even released into the air on Saprissa’s side! Our seats were directly behind the net so we were close to the field and the players. We learned a few of the chants and learned very quickly that the Saprissa fans don’t tolerate the other team’s fans at all. They bad-mouth and taunt the other team to the max! The game reminded me of the Boston Bruins ice hockey games back home because of the high intensity and the amount of pride for our team.

The game was so fun! Saprissa had so many opportunities to score but each time they just barely missed. Unfortunately once Mexico finally got into our defensive end they scored, then within the next ten minutes scored twice more. Needless to say the Saprissa fans were not happy. We ended up losing 3-0 and one Mexican fan had to be escorted out because people were starting to throw things at him. Even though Saprissa lost, I had such a fun time going to the game and will definitely be going to more in the future. It was an experience where I felt the pride of Costa Rica all around! “Este noche tenemos que ganar…


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