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Who Needs Maps?

by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Jack and Jenn created the blog Who Needs Maps to write about their travels and inspire others to get out and see the world. But what sparked their wanderlust? Study abroad of course! We received this message from them on our Facebook page:

Hi, we are Jack and Jenn and we love what you are doing for university students around the world! We did 3 study abroad programs and that is where we met each other and started traveling the world from there.

We try and convince everyone we meet to study abroad and that is why we created this study abroad post, to share the experience of other travel bloggers like us that started their careers from studying abroad. We thought you might be interested in the article!

What they have to say about study abroad

I studied in Melbourne, Australia, and Jack had the privilege to study in both Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

From our experiences, we have gained a new perspective on life, a new appreciation of the little things, a love for all things new, a touch of culture, and an incredible sense of confidence and wanderlust. What may have seemed as an uneasy and scary opportunity at first to change your city, be on your own, make new friends and to basically start on a blank slate, has become one of the best experiences of our lives. It is one of the most gratifying experiences of your life!

Check out their blog post to hear directly from students who studied abroad about their experience– all different programs, and all different countries and cities. And we have to say we loved the post from our very own AIFS student, who talked about her study abroad experience in India:

india study abroad studentsI always knew I would study abroad. I craved the experience of living and learning in a completely different country. I wanted to dive into learning a new language and be consumed by an unfamiliar culture, and I would encourage anyone else to do the same.

I was drawn to India; I had always been fascinated with its religious figures, old traditions like yoga and Ayurveda, and it’s bright, consuming culture. I studied abroad in Hyderabad, India at the University of Hyderabad, which was eye opening. India exposes you to so much of the world that we, in first world countries, are often sheltered from.

At times I was overwhelmed with the poverty, but this also came with the realization that I lead a very blessed life. India is raw, chaotic, and beautiful. It is one place in the world that overwhelms your senses with new smells and colorful sights every day. Not to mention, Indian food is the most intoxicatingly delicious cuisine out there.

It’s a place you will love, (and sometimes hate) and it will teach more about yourself than anywhere else. If you want a truly life-changing experience, India might be the study abroad spot for you.

Casey studied abroad with us in Hyderabad, India and you can find out more about the program on our website. And to read more about Casey’s travels or ask her a question, visit her blog, Words of a Wanderer.

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