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6 Ways Studying Abroad Will Change You Forever

by AIFS Study Abroad
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Like many before her, our Alumni Ambassador Rachel studied abroad in Rome and it ruined her for life. Here she shares with us the ways study abroad changes your life forever.


Coming home after an amazing study abroad experience can be incredibly difficult. You find that your outlook on life has completely changed, and putting your experiences into words seems almost impossible. Here are a few things I noticed after coming home from my semester in Rome:

1. You’ll never be able to watch a movie the same way again

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Roman Holiday, Eat, Pray, Love…forget it. Every movie will cause you to burst out into, “Oh my gosh, I drank my cappuccino in that piazza every morning!” or “Lies! That street is never that empty!”

2. Everything has the potential to bring about nostalgia

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A song, a word, a picture, a smell…you can’t help it. And you do everything you can to not annoy your friends with more stories.

3. You save every penny you can

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Once you get bitten by the travel bug there’s no going back. Wanderlust becomes very real and your life seems incredibly boring without the hope of a new adventure coming your way; it doesn’t matter when or where, just that feeling of total freedom. Any extra funds go towards planning the next trip.

4. You criticize everything

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Gone are the days of Olive Garden. You have refined tastes now, and that’s really not your fault!

5. Your mind forever lives in two places

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Even when you’re home, you find yourself wondering what’s happening in your study abroad city. You calculate the time, look up the weather, and check the city’s newspaper. Yet nothing satisfies your craving for more.

6. You find yourself planning your life around the next study abroad reunion…

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…Because very quickly you realize just how special your group of ridiculous friends really are, and how the bond you share is truly irreplaceable.

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It’s all so true! How did study abroad change your life? Tell us in the comments or connect with us on twitter @aifsabroad. And learn more about our Alumni Ambassador Program and studying abroad in Rome on our website. Questions? Contact us (800) 727-2437 – studyabroad@aifs.com

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