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Salzburg in Photos

View of Salzburg from the Untersberg

View of Salzburg from the Untersberg


Alexander studied abroad with us in Austria this past fall and shared some of his best photos with us. His favorite? The spectacular one above; the view of Salzburg from the Untersberg, a 6,473 foot high massif in the Alps bordering Salzburg and Berchtesgaden, Germany.

According to legend, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa lies asleep inside, his beard still growing. Another legend has it that it is Charlemagne waiting inside, and that he is taken care of by dwarf-like creatures. The Untersberg is so impressive, no wonder it is the stuff of myths and legends.

And the rest of the pictures give the perfect glimpse of a semester abroad in Salzburg.

Parachuting in Krimml, Austria

Just two hours away, a trip to Salzburg isn’t complete until you’ve paraglided above the Alps.


Studying abroad somewhere central like Salzburg means you are easily connected to the rest of Europe. Beautiful Prague is only about four hours away!

The Salzach, Salzburg

Salzburg’s famous river, named for the German word for salt, played an essential role in the history of the city. Salt was an important part of the economy and before the railway, it was transported down the river.

The sunset in Salzburg

No caption necessary.

View of Salzburg from Fortress Hohensalzburg

The Hohensalzburg Fortress (“high Salzburg fortress”) is one of the largest and best preserved medieval castles in Europe. Construction began in 1077 and it became a tourist attraction in the 19th century after a cable car was built to reach it from the town.

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