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Costa Rica’s Children’s Museum

by Mackenzie Hudson

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For my Spanish Class we went to San Jose’s Children’s Museum, as our last presentation is going to be on different exhibits. Mine is on bananas and the transportation of bananas in Costa Rica. We were paired with someone from another class so that we would have to collaborate. The Children’s Museum itself was interesting because it used to be an old prison. Much later after the prison was closed, the building was fixed up to use as the Children’s Museum. It is a huge bright yellow structure that almost looks like a castle. Walking through the entrance on either side there are pictures of what the prison looked like and the transformation is amazing.

The Children’s Museum was so cool! I felt like I was 5 years old again and having an awesome time. The museum was so interactive and ranged from space exhibits and anatomy exhibits, to Egyptian culture, archaeology and coffee production.

That day I learned a lot of new things and I enjoyed being a kid again. There were staff available at each exhibit to help out and most of them were multilingual so it is no problem whether you speak Spanish, English, or another language. I’d suggest that no matter what age you are, you make the trip because you are bound to feel like a little kid again and have a great time.


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