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Montezuma and Tortuga Island

by Mackenzie Hudson

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I think I have found one of my new favorite places here in Costa Rica: Montezuma. I went a few weeks ago and visited the waterfalls there yet we didn’t have much time so I didn’t get to explore the town. This time I went with a few friends; we arrived late Friday night and I had a delicious coconut covered fish filet while the others had chicken alfredo pasta. From what I hear it is the best in town!

Early the next morning we signed up for a full day tour to Tortuga Island with the Cocozuma Tour Company. They did a great job! We started off with a 45 minute boat ride. On our way there we saw a pod of dolphins and passed through a structure called the “Rainbow Rock” for its similar shape to a rainbow sticking out of the water. I can’t begin to describe how beautiful the water was. It was a light bluish-green color and the temperature was refreshing but not too warm. We went snorkeling in two different areas where I swam with schools of fish, saw a sea snake, an eel, and got very close to some bigger fish.

Then we landed on the main island, Tortuga Island, for the rest of the day. In Spanish tortuga means turtle and the island is in the shape of a turtle. We ate a delicious lunch which was also included in the tour. Little orange and purple crabs cover the island and are so funny to watch running around everywhere. I rented an inner tube and enjoyed the rest of my time floating in the water, admiring the palm trees. Other activities were also offered such as banana boating, jet skis, hikes and more. If I had more time I would have loved to spend a whole week there! After we got back to Montezuma we walked along the beach and found natural tide pools in rocks above the ocean. It was perfect; we sat and relaxed in the tide pool while waves carrying fresh water spilled over the edge. Montezuma also has good nightlife and lots of dancing.

The next day we simply relaxed on the beach and admired the huge waves until it was time to head back to San Jose. Montezuma is definitely at the top of my list of places like Samara and Puerto Viejo that I will come back and visit. Montezuma has so much to offer, from the beaches and islands to the waterfalls. If you go to Montezuma I highly recommend doing the tour to Tortuga Island, I guarantee you won’t regret it!


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