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Living in the Iberian Peninsula

by Candice Kalil

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Lagos, Portugal

In having learned a lot about the history and culture of the area, here are some pretty interesting facts of where I am studying abroad:

sangres portugal end of the world study abroad cliffs beach
  • Spain and Portugal make up the Iberian Peninsula, which was very influential throughout history for its valuable land and trading opportunities
  • There is a point in Sangres, Portugal called “the end of the world” where, before the Age of Discovery, it was believed the world ended
  • Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil
  • Spain has been conquered over and over by empires from the Romans and the Visigoths, to the Moorish Empire and Catholic Monarchs

A whole lot of history is here in the Iberian Peninsula, more than we are taught in schools, where they mainly focus on the Age of Discovery and the Catholic Monarchs. This past weekend I checked off one of my top places to visit while abroad, and explore the other side of the peninsula by visiting southern Portugal. I went to the towns of Albufiera, Sangres and Lagos. Needless to say, at some point in my life, whenever that may be, I will find a way to get back there, and live somewhere in Portugal because it is a beautiful country!

sangres portugal end of the world study abroad beach cliffsWe saw crazy cliffs at the end of the world, which hands down is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. From there we went to Lagos, which, we were told, was a decently underrated city. I can see why; it was an adorable town with gorgeous beaches. The trip was called “Paradise Weekend” for a good reason, it was a great time with great company!

Coming back to Granada, I realized it was my last trip of the semester. I am travelling to Rome and Majorca for a week before heading back to the U.S. but two weeks from today my program ends, and I don’t even know how to comprehend that. There was so much build up to studying abroad and now that its almost over, bittersweet is really the only word to describe it.

I’m excited to be home and see my family (and of course my pups!) but I am going to miss the people and this city. I am going to miss the group of friends I was lucky to travel Europe with, and the professors who taught me more than I could have thought possible. One of my friends sent us an article about the friends you make travelling, and how those friends are so valuable. It hit the nail on the head just how much I am going to miss the people I have met here. The entire semester has memories and people I will never forget, and has been the best experience I could ask for. Here’s to the next two weeks and the city I have called home.

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