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Things I Learned From My Host Mom (Part 2)

by AIFS Study Abroad

rice cake spain host mother host family homestay study abroad birthdayLast year for Mother’s Day we asked our alumni who lived in a homestay to share some of their favorite stories about their host mother. This year we checked in again with our bloggers and Alumni Ambassadors to ask what they learned from their host mom. Unsurprisingly, the answers we got were full of love, admiration and appreciation for all they did for them, and especially all they taught them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mollie – Viña del Mar, Chile

I learned that family isn’t just defined by blood; it’s who you feel loved by, who you care for, and who takes care of you. I found new family members thousands of miles from home, and truly felt that they wanted to see me succeed in this new and different culture. I never felt homesick after grabbing a cup of coffee with my host mom on the weekends, and listening to her kind words of encouragement– she knew just how to cheer me up and make me feel at home. I could use a cup of coffee with her now, as I’m starting to feel more and more homesick for Chile.

Caroline – San Jose, Costa Rica

I learn so much from her about how to be absolutely selfless. 

I noticed how loving and giving she was from my first day here in August, and since then have only become more and more humbled by her. 

[…] She exemplifies daily what it is to be a truly loving and giving human being. When she goes to visit a friend, she always arrives bearing a small gift. When she sees a homeless or crippled person, she offers them food. When one of us needs help with something or is struggling in some way, she puts down her work to help us. And we never leave the house without her saying “Tenga un buen día y Dios te acompaña” (“Have a great day and may God be with you”) accompanied with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. And it’s not only her. I notice these qualities spilling from the hearts of most Costa Ricans I encounter. Often we may think we have to read a book, watch a documentary or sit in a class to learn, but if we open our eyes to what is right around us, we will begin to learn things of true value – life lessons. I thank my Mama Tica for showing me what it means to put others before myself and for constantly loving us as if we are her own children – which in her eyes we are. Read the rest of the post here.

Mackenzie – San Jose, Costa Rica

I learned from my host mom, Eugenia, that no matter what country you are in, you can always feel at home. It just takes people that care about you and some great food!

Mackenzie has been blogging up a storm during her semester in San Jose, read about her adventures abroad here.

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