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The End of an Unforgettable Adventure

by Mackenzie Hudson

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From left Alfredo Junior, Luis Jose laying on our laps, Eugenia my Mama Tica and Alfredo my Papa Tico


It been a month full of Spanish Class but it has finally come to an end. The long hours have paid off and I have learned so much. I can tell as well as my Tica Family that my Spanish has improved since I arrived. I still have a lot of practice to do perfecting it, but that just means I’ll have to come back or go to another Spanish speaking country later on.

I can’t believe it has come to an end after just four months. It feels like I arrived in Costa Rica yesterday, and that I have so many places still to travel to. I still need to go to Nosara, Santa Teresa, Playa Flamingo, and many other places. There are no words to emphasize how much my Tica Family means to me. They have welcomed me into their family with open arms. Dinner was always my favorite part of the day, because just as with my family in the United States, we all got together to eat. We talked about anything and everything and the food was always amazing. My Mama Tica can cook! I’ve have a few of her recipes to try and make when I get back home. We would spend some nights together watching movies like James Bond, or me and Luis, the eight year old, would play Just Dance.

family final

My Tica Family, missing my host sister María Jose

It has now been two days since I left Costa Rica, and although I am happy to be back at home with my family, I am definitely having a tough time adjusting. My family drove me to the airport and saying goodbye to them was extremely difficult. I hadn’t quite comprehended that as soon as I walked through that airport gate I didn’t know when next time I will see them will be. It hit me so hard having to say goodbye, and even though it’s been just two days, I really do miss them. I woke up and would start my day with them, and would go to bed saying goodnight to them. I know I’ll go back to visit some day, so I know it isn’t a goodbye forever at least.

I have to say that it stung when I got to the Miami Airport and everyone was speaking English. I went to the movies today and said “gracias” to the woman who handed me my ticket. Nonetheless it will take a little getting used to, but I do miss practicing my Spanish everyday. AIFS was the perfect program for me, I made so many new friends and we always had a great time.

Overall my experience was unbelievable. And just because I left, does not mean I will never go back. I still have family there, and places to go…

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