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Perth in 3 Words

by Sarah LeBlanc

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You can always look at Perth through a different lens


One of just four Australian cities with over two million people, Perth is swiftly becoming a hub of cultural and social activity. But the city is also surrounded by small towns and beaches that lend the metropolis its homey feel. Perth has become a lot of things for me over the past three months, most importantly my home. But to try and sum it up for those who might be interested, these three words define Perth, in the simple but classic way the city deserves.


Like the rest of Australia, Perth is the proud home of many different cultures and ethnicities. While I’ve met a lot of native Perthites, I’ve also met a people from Asia, Europe, and Africa whose journeys have led them to call Perth home. This cosmopolitan flare comes in part the city’s diversity, and serve to make it more exciting and inspiring. And if you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of the culture that surrounds Perth, Fremantle is just a short train ride away and is a big part of the social scene – with beautiful beaches and a year-long market that lends a feeling of exclusivity to the region, available only to those dedicated enough to understand the area.


kookaburras king's park perth australia study abroad

Kookaburras in King’s Park

You wouldn’t think it standing in the middle of the bustling city, but Perth claims over two million of the two million, five hundred thousand people that call Western Australia home. This, accompanied by the rich mining industry, make things more expensive and big-name chain restaurants scarce (or nonexistent in the case of Starbucks). However, people who call Perth home have deliberately chosen to live here, making the city swell with hometown pride, and its citizens respectful and cheerful. Perth’s isolation, if anything, is a bonus for those of us who want to escape fast-paced living. It’s a city where you can enjoy the natural beauty around you and still maintain an active social life. The relative isolation is also definitely a perk when going to the beach on a hot day.


Speaking of natural beauty, Perth has a lot of it. Just off the coast is Rottnest Island, which boasts the selfie-famous Quokkas and picture-perfect snorkeling opportunities. If you don’t want to catch a ferry, then the city’s own King’s Park is a must-see when visiting Perth. With a botanic garden stretching for around a kilometer and a grand view of the cityscape, the park is a break from the city but still close enough to walk home.


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