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5 Sites to See Your First Day in London

by Casey Cuthbert
hyde park study abroad london england

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Hyde Park


westminster abbey study abroad london uk englandToday was my first full day in London. Woohoo! As part of my first day, I went on a bus tour to see London’s finest sites. There’s so much to do and see in London, one could spend years trying to do it all. But for your first day, here’s what you must see:

1. Westminster Abbey

Can one say wow? This magnificent church is beautiful both inside and out. What’s more, the history inside is endlessly fascinating.

2. Hyde Park

This 350 acre park rivals Central Park with its luscious green lawns, events, and more. The many parks help make London a (surprisingly) green city!

3. Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace study abroad london england uk

Pip pip cheerio, Queen! Eventhough she wasn’t home when I visited, this palace is jaw dropping.

4. The Big Ben

big ben study abroad london uk england

Fun fact: Big Ben isn’t the tower itself but the bell inside!

5. The London Eye

london eye river thames study abroad london england uk

This iconic site offers a one-of-a-kind view that overlooks the best of London! This for sure is going to the top of my bucket list.

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