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by Taylor Smith
memphis airport travel study abroad

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memphis airport travel study abroad

Peace out Memphis

So I am sitting in the Dallas airport on the 10th hour of my layover (don’t even ask how this happened) and I have had enough time to completely break down and analyze every part of this trip that I am about to embark upon. I have studied the map of Buenos Aires and I have googled the best restaurants and cafes to go to. I have even tried to stalk my host family on social media (unsuccessful).

However, regardless of all of my preparations, I still feel as if I am walking into simply nothing. I cannot anticipate what lies ahead. This will be my first time venturing out of my U.S. comfort zone and into another culture entirely. I have had this trip countdown on my phone for exactly 104 days and now it is here. What? However, the excitement has been replaced and quantified by anxiety. Do I really know enough Spanish to enjoy myself? Can I truly wait till 9 o’clock every night to eat dinner? Will my host family be as incredible as some of my friends have had? Can my eardrums and restless legs even survive the flight there?

Regardless, I know this will be the experience of a lifetime. This time tomorrow I will be settling into my new house with a temporary family for the next four weeks. I will, hopefully, drastically improve my Spanish (it needs a lot of work for a girl trying to minor in it) and meet some incredible people. I keep telling myself this, but honestly who knows what these next few weeks hold? All I know, is that after surviving this 12 hour layover in Dallas, I am pretty ready to conquer just about anything.

So here we go, time to settle into this uncomfortably small plane seat for the next 9 hours or so, and when the sun rises I will finally be in Argentina, ready for whatever comes my way…and some empanadas, I’m definitely ready for those.

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