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London Stopover: 3 Things to See

by Morgan McCann

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As part of the optional flight package, students spend about a day and a half in London before leaving for Granada. There was so much more to see than I had time for, but from what I did do, here are some must-see recommendations:

1. London Eye at Night
This ferris wheel is neat at any time of day, but seeing it at night is a completely different experience. It’s lit up, reflects on the water, and makes for wonderful pictures. I didn’t get a chance to ride the London Eye but my roommate did and said it was worth it for the fabulous city views. Seeing Big Ben lit up at night standing along the Thames is a beautiful sight too.

2. Abbey Road
Whether you’re a Beatles fan or not, this is an interesting experience. Trying to reenact the famous album cover while taking a picture is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was so much fun. The road can get busy and some cars do get frustrated, but traffic is sometimes understanding so you can catch a break. The crosswalk is a short distance from the tube.

3. See the Queen- or some type of royalty!
Many people can spend months in London and never get an opportunity to see the Queen, but in my short time there I was lucky to see her. She was opening parliament that day and along with a procession of horses and guards, she came in a beautiful carriage, and from what I could see, she looked great! If you are going to be in London, find out if anything is happening so that you don’t miss this amazing chance.

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