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In-Flight WiFi: To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

by Millicent Macena

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tabletWiFi is my best friend! I don’t know about you, but WiFi plays an extremely important role in my life. And going without it for more than a few hours makes me restless. I know I have a WiFi problem, and I’m okay with it. I have to be engaged in something all the time, and WiFi helps me to be engaged.

So being on a plane for 9+ hours makes me nervous! How will I survive the plane trip without WiFi?! How will I keep myself entertained for that long?! What kind of monster wants to keep me unplugged from the ‘Matrix?!’

Luckily, I discovered that American Airlines, the airline I will be flying with, offers an in-flight WiFi service, and my heart sang with joy. But then, I saw that the WiFi wasn’t freeThe prices aren’t terrible, but compared to free, the WiFi is a bit expensive. For 2 hours worth of WiFi on an international flight, it’s $12. For 4 hours, it’s $17. And for the entire duration of the flight, it’s $19. Thus begins my internal struggle–do I purchase the in-flight WiFi?

So, I made a pros and cons list because why not?! My subconscious wasn’t giving me any answers, so I thought seeing it written out might help me to make a decision.

Pros (in no specific order):

  • Will defeat boredom
  • Will keep me in touch with those I care about while in the air
  • Will calm my fear of FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Random games that require WiFi for some reason
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook


  • Not free
  • Costs money

So as you see, the pros and cons are neck and neck. What am I going to do?! The struggle is real! I’m leaning towards purchasing the WiFi because WiFi. Yet, I’m leaning against it because it’s not free. Do I love WiFi so much that I will be willing to pay to use it for a certain amount of time?

I will say if you’re considering purchasing in-flight WiFi, here are a few things to consider before you ‘Accept the Terms of Agreement’:

  • The Length of Your Flight
  • Your Budget
  • What you will be doing with the WiFi
  • and Your Level of Boredom on a Long Flight

For me, as of right now, I don’t have an answer. I am just going to wait until June 11th, when I’m sitting in my seat and in the air to make a decision.

*Side-note: Some of Americans’ planes have screens for each headrest, so you can have your own individual in-flight entertainment keeping you entertained; therefore, it makes the in-flight WiFi pointless, but the plane I will be flying on will not have that amenity. Therefore, the question to purchase WiFi becomes important.*

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