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Hello From London

by Brigid Breen

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My name is Brigid Breen, I’m from  Los Angeles and I’m a student at Loyola Marymount University. I’m so thrilled to be here in London, it’s truly a dream come true.

I came here not really knowing what to expect and wanted to give some last minute packing advice. Having been here just a short amount of time I can already tell you a few simple things:

1) Bring shoes that don’t give you blisters.

It can be a pain in the foot (I was going to say something else but i think this is funnier and must less ironic) if you don’t. I have blisters like crazy all over my feet and am starting to wish I packed better walking shoes.

2) Bring a shower bag or something to hold all of your toiletries.

Richmond housing is dormitory style, and it can be a struggle to get everything to and from the bathroom sometimes.

london23) Bring shower shoes.

4) Sunglasses.

When the sun comes out, it comes out strong. It’s rather mild here most of the time but I would highly recommend them.

5) Jackets.

I’ve been wearing a rather light one thus far but I need to buy a sweatshirt because it does get cold at night.

6) Shoes that don’t get too wet.

It rains here (so far it only rained on us at the Globe) and puddles do occur, so bring shoes you either don’t mind getting wet or that don’t get wet at all.

7) Snacks.

American Snacks. Trust me, you’ll miss them.

8) Bring your hunger for adventure and an open mind.

London is a really cool place so make sure you pack up your sense of adventure.

Honestly, this is my first time alone in a different country. And it’s scary at times. I’ve learned if you just open yourself up and meet new people, it’s not so scary being alone in a new place. Everyone here is so nice and open to go places. You ask, people will come. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. People respect that, at least I know I do.

I’ve gotten homesick while here and I know I have friends I can turn to talk to. The RA’s are just so awesome here and want to make this place as homey as possible.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends and take adventures. And if you ever want to, just let me know! I See you all really soon for Session B.

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