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Why Study Abroad? Just to Get Away

by Millicent Macena

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It’s okay to study abroad just to get away.

Sometimes life deals us a stack of cards that we weren’t ready to play with, and we don’t know how to handle. We don’t know what our next step should be. We get stuck. We get frustrated. We get lost. And studying abroad can be an outlet for those that need an escape.

Studying abroad is not just an opportunity to enhance our global awareness. It’s an opportunity for some of us to get away from the monotonous hole that we dug for ourselves as a result of bad cards. It’s an opportunity to find a piece of ourselves that went missing.

There are several reasons why people want to study abroad. But I feel like getting away from routine is not talked about for fear of taking away from the academic part of studying abroad. Life happens! It’s happening all the time! And it’s perfectly fine to pick a subject and location that piques your interest, pack your bags, and go away for a little while to figure some things out!

By being in a new place around new people, it allows for a new way of thinking, which can lead to a new version of yourself. So, don’t feel bad if your reason to study abroad doesn’t match those around you. Different strokes for different folks! Just focus on your studies and yourself, so you can leave with an ‘A’ and a better outlook on life.

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