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Despite The Circumstances

by Taylor Smith

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I am officially a week into my study abroad trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is my very first time abroad, or even in a big city, and I honestly had no idea what to expect.

I could tell you how the language barrier has been frustrating and I have a hard time going to a shoe store here because I don’t know how to ask for my size. I could tell you how going to Spanish class from 10-3 every day with only two short breaks in between can be harsh. I could tell you that on my third day here, I somehow had my phone stolen from my zipped-up pocket; honestly, the pick-pockets here are impressive. Maybe I could go into detail about how I miss wearing shorts and a tee shirt to class everyday or I could complain about how I got lost for about an hour on my first solo walk.

But honestly, despite the circumstances, I can hardly complain about this city or the experience I have had so far. The food is phenomenal, the coffee is fresh and strong, and the coffee shops are wonderfully quaint. Since I have never lived in a city, I am not used to walking everywhere or using public transportation. And while it has been hard to grow accustomed to, I am starting to love it; who needs to workout when you have to walk about 5 miles a day? The streets are lined with fruterías and the most adorable lunch and coffee places. The people are vibrant and full of life. For example, there was a soccer match a few days ago, and I could hear the entire neighborhood cheering when their team scored. My homestay parents are exceptional and the food they prepare is fantastic. While it is difficult to communicate with them sometimes, they care so much for me and have truly made me feel at home.

So yes, I had my phone stolen and I can’t speak much Spanish, but who cares? I am in one of the grandest cities in the world! The food is mouth-watering, the city is spectacular, and the people are full of passion and kindness.

Despite the circumstances thus far, I am thrilled to spend three more weeks soaking up this amazing place and it’s culture.



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