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Spend All Day in London Without Spending a Lot

by Sabrina Nunez
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The Tower of London

the shard london england city architecture study abroad travel

Europe’s tallest building, The Shard

This was my first real weekend back in London as I basically just tried to sleep off jet lag and participate in a few orientation events last weekend. My roommate and I left our dorms Saturday at noon to grab lunch at Borough Market and didn’t return for nine hours and eight miles of walking around and seeing the sights of London. On Sunday we headed to Regent St. where an event was going on that kept us at the busy street for four hours.


We wandered around Borough Market for a few hours, grabbing lunch at Fish! and Gourmet Goat. We also picked up snacks at Bread Ahead and a local farmer’s fruit stand. We each paid about £10 for our food, but we have dessert and fruit for later this week.

We noticed how close we were to a lot of famous London landmarks like the Shard and Tower Bridge, so we decided to walk along the Thames, stop for photos of the skyline and venture down cute roads. We went full circle before deciding to make our way down Fleet Street and eventually the Westminister area.

By the time we came home, we had walked 10 miles round trip so not only did we feast, we worked any and all calories off. We went for a quick dinner near the dorms and stayed in the rest of the night because we were exhausted!


borough market chalk board before i die i want to art london england study abroad travel

Chalkboard wall at Borough Market

My roommate is interning just off Regent Street so when she saw there would be a day-long event in the area, we decided to head over and see what was going on. We arrived in the early afternoon, eating £3 sandwiches as we walked. The ice cream company Magnum was hosting an event with giveaways, fashion shows and DJ areas. We saw a line for free ice cream and waited a few minutes to try the new flavors.

We continued walking down the street and venturing into shops. There were so many interesting stores and a lot of really beautfiul displays that we just had to see. We got lost in the beautiful Liberty department store and tried on some clothes at one of the massive H&M’s located in the Regent/Oxford Circus area.

magnum catwalk regent st. london summer study abroad london

Magnum catwalk on Regent St.


Topshop was having a giveaway via Twitter, and I was frantically waiting to tweet the right code to have a chance at maneuvering a giant claw for some free stuff. My tweets were selected twice and I won nearly £50 worth of beauty products from the brand!

London is quite the expensive city, but if you like to get lost in markets or gazing at the spectacular sights, you can spend a whole day out and get some exercise. Also, if you keep an eye out or do a bit of research, free events like concerts, films, plays and galleries happen around the city every day. Depending on how much you want to spend, London can work for you.

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