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by Morgan McCann
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spanish food granada spain residence hall housing study abroadI already know I’m going to miss the food here and I’m only in week two. Being a picky eater, surprisingly I haven’t had a meal I didn’t like yet. Some things I would turn down at home because I didn’t think I would like and others I’ve never even heard of; but I’ve liked them all.

I’m staying in a residence where we have three meals a day, Monday through Saturday. I automatically assumed that our meals would be served cafeteria style where we would have a few options to choose from. I was wrong. There are two women who prepare our meals for us and everyone eats the same thing. Bread is served at every meal, soup or salad is typical on most occasions, there is a main course, and fruit or yogurt at the end. So far no meals have been repeated, except for breakfast which is a large piece of toast, muffins, and croissants. Breakfast is the only thing I’m not crazy about because I’m used to having eggs and fruit but I did buy bananas so I could bring one with me each morning.

gelato granada spain spanish food spain study abroadAdjusting to the meal times is a challenge. Breakfast is served at 8am, lunch at 2pm, and dinner at 9pm. In between breakfast and lunch we all get hungry which is why I’ve started to pack fruit and a small snack to have during my class break. I also have something small in between lunch and dinner. Nine is really late to eat dinner, especially when I don’t stay up that late, but I’ve gotten used to it.

The most important and my favorite part about food in Spain is tapas and gelato. At bars in Granada, if you order an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, which are typically cheaper than three dollars, you will get a free tapas which are small food items. This is great because you are getting a meal and only paying for a drink. All tapas are different and some places serve larger portions than others. My other favorite is the gelato here, which can be found on almost every block in the city and stays open later than anything else in Granada. The best place to get it is Los Italianos and it isn’t expensive.


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